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Small Goblet C

Small Goblet C

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These pieces are very therapeutic for me to make. They are tactile to make and use. I love the foot and the way the glaze breaks over the stamps inside and outside. When pinching a form, the clay is more of co-conspiritor in the outcome which is a welcome contrast to the straight lines and perfect circles of a thrown piece. I love using these to eat tiny snacks like pudding with whipped cream, and I also love using them to drink small amounts of liquid from a larger vessel (it makes it last longer). Enjoy!

White clay, pinched in one piece, stamped with found objects, green glaze interior and exterior, cone 6 electric.

2 1/2" x 3 1/4"

~ 2.5 oz.


My work is meant to be used so machine washing and microwaving are ok, but to extend the life of the product handwashing and light microwaving is best (ex. 20-30 seconds to reheat coffee).


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