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Fig Mug 12oz. (B)

Fig Mug 12oz. (B)

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Fig Mug! 

Fresh figs are the best. I ate my first fig, plucked from the side of someone's yard in Asheville about 5 years ago, and I look forward to them every year. They feel indulgent and yet there are hundreds on one tree! They remind me of abundance and summer time. 

Red clay, white slip, 7 different colors of underglaze, sgraffito, clear exterior glaze, white interior glaze. Cone 6 electric. 


I have 4 that are about 12oz. B and C match in size the best and D and A are a little smaller. Volume is measured to about 1/4 below the rim. 

The 12 oz mugs are in separate posts due to technical difficulties ♥️. 

A- 3 1/8" x 3.5" (12oz)

B- 3 3/8"x3.5" (12-13oz)

C- 3 3/8"x 3.5" (12-13oz)

D- 3 1/4"x3.5" (11oz)

~12 oz

Dishwasher, microwave safe


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